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Cricket Betting and Types of Cricket Bets

You will find many betting websites providing different punters on cricket betting. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in Asian countries. You should about the sport and how it is played. Two teams are playing opposite each other with 11 players. The first team must score and put a concrete figure on the board. The team must chase down the score without losing their 11 players in a limited time or according to cricket.

What is Cricket Betting?

Cricket is quite suitable for betting due to the dynamics and how the sport is played. In addition to that, cricket is played for almost a year. You can find cricket games played in many countries on an international level, county level, and different countries’ leagues. Many Cricket leagues have become a hub for betting. Moreover, you do not have to contact a local bookie for odds and some cricket betting tips. You can find many tips and betting websites, providing the best returns on bets.

There are many different types of Cricket Bets which should be known to you.

Types of Cricket Bets

Tournament or Individual match Winner

Indvidual Match Winner

You would have heard about this type of Cricket bet due to its popularity. There is nothing you must learn to win bets. Here, it would help if you predicted the winner of the match or the Tournament at the end. It will help if you lay your bet before the match starts. The odds should be known to you, and you have two options in limited over cricket and three options in Test math, i.e., draw. To sum up all, this is the easiest and common type of Cricket bet which must be known to you.

Top Batsman or Bowler

As the name suggests, you must predict the best Batsman or the Wicket taker. Moreover, this means the Batsman who scores highest runs or the bowler who takes most wickets is to be anticipated by you. The prediction should be made by keeping in mind the end of the innings to end of the match. You must know that the player selected by you is not playing the match, the bet will be considered void. In this case, you must first look at the playing 11 of the match and select the players after that.

Man of the Match

Man Of The Match

Here, the player who plays the best cricket and wins the match or his team will be declared as the man of the match. The winning team’s player doesn’t need to be declared as the man of the match. This type of Cricket bet is kind of tough and tricky. You must know everything about both the teams like the lineup, best payers, players in and out of form etc.

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